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The Internet is in Me and I am in the Internet. From the early days of the World Wide Web of the Mid 90's, examining source code to figure out just how it all worked, to but a year later picking up issues of Yahoo Internet Life Magazine as research for the creation of lessons in surfing the Information Superhighway I have seen it all.

The rise and fall of AOL, and browsers sent out to potential subscribers on Floppy Disks. Evolution as Internet Explorer and Netscape were replaced with Firefox, Chrome, Safari and Edge. Websites that were brought to life with Animated GIF files that lead to the creation of Adobe Flash and came full circle back to the GIF files. It has been an all encompassing change in an ecosystem that has evolved how We the End User consumes Media, and I have seen it all.

When the idea of Web Based Publishing first crossed My radar, there was no online shops like Amazon, no such thing as Social Media and Online Content Broadcasters still were doing weekly programs on Cable TV. Now all that has changed, We go to Google for information, Netflix for Entertainment and Facebook is relied upon to update us that those whom we care about enough to actually express concern over are still with us

The Digital Age is an age of wonder, one in which books can now be read on screens instead of paper. Music is measured in Megabytes instead of song length and communication is near instantaneous. At the forefront of this age of wonder is one very special type of person.

A person who has become the modern answer to an editor, author, page setter and publisher all in one. A person who knows their way around a multitude of landscapes and who can take an image and create a vision of beauty on a digital landscape. That Person is Me, David Peters and I am passionate about Web Design.

Let us take this journey together to bring your Vision to life.

David believes in giving back to the community through his endorsement and support of the British Columbia Lion's Society for Children with disabilities, an organization his Family has a life long history of supporting.

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